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Tupi Indian tribes have used Catuaba for countless generations .. they also have created a lot of praise lagu2 magic.Tupi men have an average penis 20 cm (8 inches), to make it easier when hunting, they had to tie and fix their penis around the waist or thighs. Therefore, they also have a very special title - THE ELEPHANT tribal AMAZON

Brazilian National Laboratory, Academic Medical Research Laboratory U.S. Federal and Reproductive Sciences Harvard University, the United States has been equally scientific research on Indian men and captainba Tupi. Michael Van Straten, a renowned British expert in medicinal plants research, said: This is one of the major therapeutic breakthroughs in the field of erectile dysfunction, even more so, there is no evidence that long-term use can lead apa2 side effects.

10 key Benefits (captainba)

1. Help men have a large penis size diameter and length as well as the ability of a strong sex
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5. Balance the human body's hormones and promote secretion of male hormones.
6. Promote the blood circulation, prevent cardiovascular disease
7. Treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and frequent urination at night.
8. Increasing the body's immune system
9. Improve fatigue and anxiety problems
10. Retention even more age ...

* Men still have higher fertility after age 60.
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From the Navy to building a cross-border e-commerce platform, Shayak Mazumder’s story

Shayak Mazumder’s eUnimart.com is going after the $1-trillion cross-border e-commerce business by helping SMBs.
Growing up in a Marxist family had a profound impact on little Shayak Mazumder. His father, a chemistry teacher in Bengal, exposed him to a plethora of books on nationalism, patriotism, science, mathematics, and literature. It was a stroke of luck, however, that made Shayak join the defence forces. He was preparing to write the IIT exams when he attempted the National Defence Academy entrance exam just for kicks. To his surprise, he cleared all the tests (including the physical) and was drafted into the prestigious school in 2004.
For the next eight years, he went around the world, training on a ship with distinction in gunnery, navigation, and communication. “Travelling across the world, as an officer, I realised that I wanted to do things on my own and even dreamed of being an entrepreneur,” says Shayak, founder of eUnimart in Hyderabad. He quit the navy in 2012 and began to dabble in entrepreneurship. He ran a successful restaurant and a couple of hotels in Goa, and had an annual income of Rs 60 lakh for the next couple of years.
Founders of eUnimart: Shayak Mazumder with Saikat Roy

The business

In 2014, after taking a break from his stint as a restopreneur, Shayak went off to INSEAD, Paris, to finish his MBA. While in France, he worked at a supply chain firm, heading cross-border transactions. It was here that 32-year-old Shayak realised that although cross-border e-commerce was huge in Europe and the rest of the world, Indian shoppers were yet to enjoy transactions with e-commerce companies in other countries.
That was why, in 2016, he returned to India to set up eUnimart.com, a company that helps sellers  make it big in the cross-border e-commerce industry. eUnimart helps its clients with catalogue management, SKU management, listing, logistics, data analytics, customs clearance, and payments. Simply put, eUnimart will create an international presence for a brand or seller. It already works with international market places like Amazon, Linio, Etsy, and Lazada.
“There are so many sellers globally that want to access different markets, but they don’t know how government duties work and how logistics works in each region,” says Shayak.
Many a time, it is the payment systems that confuse a business. A business from India selling a product in the USA requires a local bank account and address, and this can be difficult. Many mature businesses, therefore, have distribution partners in the USA who collect the payment and transfer it to the Indian account. This is how Amazon manages cross- border transactions for its merchants.
When eUnimart was being set up, Shayak was joined by co-founders Mahendra Kalkura and Saikat Roy to help build the business. Mahendra is a developer who has worked with startups as a senior engineer and developer before being roped in by Shayak. Saikat, who had worked with Shayak in Goa, has worked in logistics and and also put in a stint at Myntra.
They invested less than Rs 1 crore to build the global business. The company is a platform where SMBs or sellers sign up to get advice from eUnimart’s experts to sell globally. eUnimart will charge the company a percentage of the global selling price of the product. Being only six months into operations, the company chose not to disclose its revenues.
India has over 5,00,000 sellers who have registered with various e-commerce market players. These sellers may need global services and this is where eUnimart steps in, with Shayak aggregating marketplaces in Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The company is solving the following problems:
  • Government regulation/documentation is simplified to sellers
  • Cross-border payment settlements
  • Logistics
  • Managing returns
  • Cancellations of orders
  • Payment of local taxes
  • Clearing outbound and inbound customs

The cross-border business

According to Accenture and AliResearch, AliBaba’s research arm, cross-border e-commerce can reach $1 trillion by 2020. Currently it is pegged at $300 billion, mostly dominated by China, South Asia, the USA, and Europe. It is an opportunity for India to latch on to. Internet users in the world are growing. In China alone there are 700 million shoppers online and in India it is close to 100 million. Over the next few years, India will have more than 300 million online shoppers thanks to the penetration of the internet and the growth of smartphones.
“This is an opportunity that will be lucrative over the next decade. But the confusion that one has to solve on a platform is to understand government regulation and the kind of products that can be shopped,” says Prem Kumar, Founder, SnapBizz.
But Shayak, the one-time navy officer, believes he can do anything. He has travelled the world and understands the opportunities the gaps in cross-border trade present. Hopefully, he can scale up his revenues and make his company a platform where SMBs meet their consumers.
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Two brothers add a sixth stage to grief – starting up

Chandigarh-based brothers Ajay and Chetan Pal Singh launch a health food startup, AG Taste, as a tribute to their late parents.
When life gives you a sucker punch in the form of death of a loved one, what do you do? Isolate yourself, turn to friends and family or travel in search of life’s meaning – each of us deals with grief in our unique way. Some channel their grief to create something new. Like brothers Chetan Pal Singh and Ajay Pal Singh who decided to start up when their parents died within months of each other.
Their food venture, AG Taste, is multiple things in one for the siblings. The company, launched in January 2016, is a tribute to their food-loving parents. By creating preservative-free, healthy nutrition bars it is aimed at making people healthy, which is understandably a pet theme for the brothers. By working together, they are also able to help each other through their grief.
AG Taste founders
Brothers Chetan Pal Singh (left) and Ajay Pal Singh (Right), Founders of Chandigarh-based AG Taste

Family, food, and tragedy

Their mother Ajinder loved cooking and was able to recreate complex dishes, according to Chetan, after just a tasting. Their electrical engineer father Gurbir was born with muscular dystrophy, a degenerative disease that results in the weakening of muscles over a period of time. He loved exotic foods like stilton cheese and prosciutto but also used holistic food to manage his disease. The brothers inherited their parents’ fascination with food, with younger brother Chetan even becoming a trained chef.
Chetan, after completing his course at The Taj Group of Hotels (run by The Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad), moved to San Francisco to work at Michelin starred Gary Danko and then at the Ritz-Carlton in Dubai and Four Seasons at Langkawi. Elder brother Ajay followed his dad’s footsteps to become an engineer and worked in advertising in Delhi, which allowed him to travel often to visit his parents in Chandigarh.
Life for the Pal Singh family was filled with food and travel, despite dad Gurbir’s condition. However, fate dealt a body blow when mom Ajinder was diagnosed with late-stage cervical cancer in 2014. She lost her battle with cancer in September 2014. Even as they were left reeling from the loss of their mother, their father’s condition deteriorated overnight and he passed away in January 2015.

Grief as inspiration

“My dad’s younger sister, who we are close to, suggested we all take a trip together to put the past behind us. The two of us, our aunt, and her family travelled to Turkey in April that year. There during one of our discussions, she suggested why not Ajay and I start a company together,” recalls Chetan, a state level shooter during his school days.
Food was a natural choice. In the US, I used to munch a lot on energy bars, so that was what I wanted to do. I had a clear vision of what the company would do then itself.”
Chetan, who along with his brother relocated to Chandigarh, began product development in 2015. “With my background at innovative restaurants, I had a fair idea of what flavour mixes would work,” says the 30-year-old. “We tested out few of the flavours with friends and placed them at a few stores in Chandigarh to get customer feedback.”
The duo zeroed in on three flavours – Berrylicious, Le Chocolat, and Nutcase. In January 2016, AG Taste or All Good Taste was set up. The name too is a tribute to their parents, as the ‘A’ and ‘G’ in AG Taste also stand for Ajinder and Gurbir. The bars are retailed under the brand name All Good Bars and are priced at Rs 50.
With production being done out of an industrial park unit in Mohali, the company makes about 500 energy bars daily. AG Taste bars were first launched across Chandigarh and are now slowly making a presence in stores in Delhi, Mumbai, and Jaipur. The energy bars are also sold online across 30 sites, including Amazon, BigBasket, GourmetBox, and Shophop.
AG Taste Nutri Bars
AG Taste's nutri bars

Challenges and opportunities

Chetan and Ajay have now got the supply chain in place by sourcing high-quality ingredients from a handful of exporters and importers. “But we are always looking for better sources as we want to keep the quality of ingredients high even as production increases,” says Chetan.
The bigger challenge is educating retailers about the product. “People are still getting used to energy bars. Since we use only natural ingredients and do not use preservatives, the shelf life of ours bars is around three months. Supermarkets are looking for products with longer shelf lives,” says Chetan, whose unit employs five people for production and packing.
The last couple of years has seen the launch of numerous energy and nutri bar brands. RiteBite, YogaBars, On The Run, and MojoBar are a few of the brands in this space. Now, big food brands are also entering this space, drawn by the mainly young group of consumers. Kellog’s, for instance, has launched K Bars.
Competition, says Chetan, is good. Chetan says:
It will make all of us focus on product differentiation. Also, all the brands are working at evangelising this segment and the growing awareness will help all of us."
The overall market is large – sales of health and wellness food products crossed Rs 10,000 crore in 2015, according to a 2016 report by Nielsen.

Miles to go

Chetan and Ajay are focusing on a few specific areas as they target growth. Chetan is working on new flavours for the energy bars. The company will launch other health food brands once the energy bars are well established. Expanding to other cities, most importantly Bengaluru, is on the cards. “In offline, we will target only a few stores that fit our brand and cater to our target segment of young customers,” says Chetan. He is also in talks with corporates for creating co-branded products, but declined to share further details as talks are still on. “We will reach Rs 3 lakh per month revenue run rate by mid-2017 even if we do not get into new partnerships and stores. So the potential growth is much higher,” says Chetan.
But it is not just all business for the brothers. Once the business stabilises, they intend to give a part of net revenue to the Indian cancer Society and the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation. For, finally, their goal is to ensure other families are not devastated by disease as theirs was.
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A wary and disillusioned startup ecosystem looks for tax rebates and policy clarity in this year’s Budget

As we move closer to this year’s Budget, the enthusiasm of the startup community is less than lukewarm. Compared to last year’s fanfare, this year, startups are wary and are waiting to see whether the Budget will really help them or not.
It is that time of the year again. The 2017 Budget is right around the corner, and this time, it comes a month in advance. This time around, as the Finance Minister prepares to enter Parliament on February 1, there are mixed views and opinions of how the Budget could pan out. While all Union Budgets are heatedly debated and discussed, the upcoming one is going to be subjected to deeper scrutiny.
Last year, the Budget had given rise to a sense of enthusiasm in the startup community, especially since it followed the January 16 launch of the Startup India, Stand Up India programme. The government also announced the GST, and it looked like a positive year for startups. However, demonetisation and the slow start seen by the Startup India initiative has left startups and investors feeling less buoyant this year.
In 2016, the corporate tax rate was at 25 percent for manufacturing firms, and startups were promised a 100 percent tax exemption for three years, while the Make in India policy granted a 100 percent deduction of profits for startups adhering to certain conditions (MAT would apply).
As on December 7, 2016, there were 497 startups recognised by the Startup India policy. Of this list, about 60 percent are healthcare, IT solutions, food processing, agritech, and biotechnology-related companies. There have been no criteria announced for the selection of these startups, and that is something that needs to be disclosed.
Image credit: Shutterstock

Bring in tax exemptions

With demonetisation and the push towards a cashless economy, many believe that tax rebates should be the focus of this year’s Budget. Bhavin Turakia, CEO and Co-founder of Directi, believes that as a natural result of demonetisation, the time is perfect to increase the tax exemption limit and also the corporate tax limits. It is also important for the government to take steps to help startups tide over the move’s immediate effects.
“Furthermore, with the increase in cash flow within banks, advanced technological infrastructure will help facilitate seamless transactions and improve the overall banking system as we enter into the new financial year,” says Bhavin.
Many founders also hope to see some movement and clarity this year in the Startup India policies. Currently, a lack of clarity in terms of what is done and different restrictions has led to a certain disillusionment towards what can be expected this year.
A stronger focus towards helping startups with incentivising investors, favourable cost of capital laws, and better policies, are what will help in fuelling a digital economy. This growth is possible by creating a clear roadmap with a self-sufficient landscape for entrepreneurs. Sandeep Agarwal, Founder of Droom and Shopclues, says,
“Entrepreneurism, by itself, is a very demanding career for an individual, and minimising government intervention can help them achieve success. In the coming years, internet can become a $3 trillion industry, as it was designed to be autonomous and free by nature. We should be restricting rules, policies and definitions that curtail the natural growth of industry.”

Better focus on domestic capital

Every time you trade in the market, there is a Security Transaction Tax, which Nithin Kamath, Founder and CEO of Zerodha, believes to be not a tax on an earning but on a transaction. “While the government is doing a lot of things to fast-forward growth, these things can act as roadblocks to that very development,” he says.
The ease in raising local money is another key factor. Taxing investors on the gain on a single investment makes it harder to raise local money. “When you raise local money, one needs to pay twice the amount of taxes; this makes it simpler to raise funds abroad,” adds Nithin.
After the announcement of the ‘fund of funds’, the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) is yet to disclose all the funds it is going to support. Today, only GVFLOrios Venture PartnersIdeaspring CapitalKae Capital, IFCI Venture Capital Fund's funds for SME advantage, and the Parampara Early Stage Opportunities Fund have received funding. And between these funds, only Rs 168 crore has been disbursed so far. There has been a proposal to put a further Rs 290 crore into two more funds.
The CanBank fund, which is separate from the Rs 10,000 crore fund of funds of Startup India, is in limbo as well. The Centre launched this fund of funds with an aim to help startups from the electronics and IT sectors create intellectual property, expressing a willingness to invest up to Rs 2,200 crore in the initiative.
This fund, the Electronic Development Fund (EDF), floated by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, will invest 20 percent of its fund in nano-science research.

Make doing business easier

By and large, most of the investor community expects little from the Budget this year. “While there could be policy works and other tax rebates, there is little, I think, that will affect the startup ecosystem with this year’s Budget,” says Raghav Bahl, VP, Bessemer Venture Partners, India.
The focus needs to be towards ensuring an increased GDP growth. Amit Somani, Managing Partner, Prime Ventures, also doesn’t have an optimistic view of the year’s Budget. He believes this year, the startups need to focus on their work. He says,
“If there is one thing that I believe the government can do to truly help startups, it is making it easier for startups to do business with the government. There need to be more mutual synergies.”
The Budget this year will also be essential in helping businesses understand and gain better clarity on the GST. Abhishek Chakraborty, Executive Director, DTDC, believes that the strengthening of all IT-related infrastructure and projects will be key to extract the best out of the entire demonetisation drive. He adds,
“It will be great to have the government take concrete measures to ensure a secure IT infrastructure for rapid technology adoption, to empower citizens to go digital. Lastly, measures that will increase operational efficiencies, such as infrastructure development, and boost trade are what we are hopeful for.’’
While 2016 began with a slew of government announcements, it will be interesting to see what the progress has been over the year and what the government has in store for the year to come.
Bhavin believes that the Union Budget 2017-18 should include definitive SOPs (Statements of Purpose) and tax rebates to encourage and boost e-payments. Moreover, to achieve the goal of financial inclusion, the government should also rationalise indirect taxes and charges levied with respect to digital payment transactions, and further incentivise companies operating within this space.
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5 websites that that teach you something new in just 30 minutes

Often, the big World Wide Web enchants us into unchartered domains. More often than not, we end up on sites we did not intend to visit in the first place and then lose track of time. We lose track of time jumping from one Facebook post to another. If that ever happens to you, know that you are not alone. Almost all of us have been a victim of this phenomenon at some time.
Image Credits: Shutterstock
Image Credits: Shutterstock
While web-surfing has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages, it is very likely for one to digress from their original intention and end up wasting precious time. If you can relate to this, then this article is for you. Here’s a list of websites that can teach you something useful in less than 30 minutes.
This website is a simple mindfulness meditation platform, available as a website and also as an app. A widely acclaimed platform, it will help you stay calm, meditate, sleep, relax and much more. The website opens up with a nature view of your preference and a soothing view guides you through the process of meditation. This website teaches you how to be find inner peace despite all the external chaos.
It is a wonderful tool that eventually helps you find yourself.
There’s a part of us that tells us that we need to pursue our fitness goals. However, we disregard that voice with the help of one common excuse – lack of time! That’s when this website enters to help. 7-Min can be your personal workout trainer. It combines 12 different exercises deploying only body weight, a chair and a wall. These seven minutes of high intensity interval training allow you reap the benefits of endurance training in much lesser time. 7 minutes is all it takes you to move closer to your fitness goals!
Big Think started with the intention of being a ‘YouTube for Ideas’! It aims to help you move above and beyond random information and towards real knowledge, offering big ideas from fields outside your own that you can apply toward the questions and challenges in your own life. The website includes articles, videos, discussions and presentations from noteworthy people in various fields. It gives you something intellectually challenging to learn from.
Language learning has multiple benefits for your people skills, and Rype is the perfect tool for this. This platform matches you with a handpicked, native speaker to practise your conversation skills in a different language. The training is provided in such an effective yet interactive manner that you can actually perfect your conversation skills in a new language in just about 90 days.
We all have our share of daily life problems, right?  Who doesn’t want to learn to solve their problems with ease? So how about landing on a website that is a storehouse of hacks to battle all daily life problems? Hackaday is a forum for solutions to almost every kind of problem, ranging from simple life hacks to actual automation problems and more!
Do you know of any websites which have taught you something new? Let us know in the comments below.