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Juice Plus+ is a global biotech and pharmaceuticals industry organization founded by National Safety Associates, Inc. The company seeks to keep consumers healthy through its nutritional supplement line made from fruits and vegetables. The supplements have been distributed since 1993 via multi-level marketing efforts through independent distributors. The company claims its products contain the nutritional essence of 17 various fruits, vegetables, and grains that support a healthy immune system and promotes cardiovascular wellness. The headquarters are located in Collierville, Tennessee. The privately held company generates $11 billion in global sales annually.

The Good

  • Business tools
  • Meets industry standards

Becoming a Distributor

The cost to join Juice Plus as an independent distributor is affordable priced at $50. Distributors earn income through retail sales. Commissions and bonuses are added once a distributor moves up the ranks.

Business Tools

The company provides its distributors with sales support materials, business training tools, and marketing programs. Distributors also get access to an online virtual office for them to sign up new customers and edit their own personalized website. Distributors also receive updates on upcoming company events. New distributors are given instructions in a welcome email in how to log into the virtual office.


The company’s products are made from fresh fruits and vegetables. These farm fresh foods are carefully tested to ensure no contaminants affect their purity. These fruits and vegetables are then juiced. The juices are concentrated into powder form using a proprietary drying process that preserves nutrient quality as much as possible through temperature control. Other naturally sourced ingredients such as proprietary fiber blend and a variety of phytonutrients are also added to the juice powder base to ensure consistent key nutrient levels during each season.
All products are manufactured in certified facilities that are 100 percent compliant with food and supplement regulations. These manufacturing processes are third-party verified by both the NSF International’s Good Manufacturing Practices programs and Product and Ingredient Certification programs. The company’s product line meets the following industry standard requirements:
  • Product testing for contaminants and heavy metals,
  • Label and formulation review to verify that the label is accurate to the contents of the product
  • Manufacturing facility audits to ensure they operate using Good Manufacturing Practices
The products are distributed in chewable capsule form. The company works with mid-sized North American family farmers. The company states that it personally inspects each farm operation, their hand-picking processes, and weed and insect control processes.

The Bad

  • Commission
  • Scientific proof

Low Commission

Distributors earn up to $21 on each product sold at retail price. They do not have the ability to earn commissions or bonuses until they move up higher in rank. Sales commissions range from 6-14 percent depending on how many customers were enrolled in a 30-day period.

Scientific Proof

Scientific studies performed on the effects of Juice Plus products generated conflicting and controversial results. Critics argue that the supplements provide no scientific proof of significant health benefits. They also accuse the company of using misleading claims in marketing materials. Most of the published peer-reviewed studies on the company’s products were funded or authored by the manufacturer or the company itself.
The Center for Science in the Public Interest filed a complaint against NSA, Inc. with the FDA in 2007. They sought to halt marketing of the Juice Plus+ Orchard Blend and Garden Blend capsules because the products appeared to be adulterated and misbranded. They also claimed the company did not properly disclose the right information on the product labeling. The NSA was sanctioned to withdraw any representations that the products are equivalent to fruits and vegetables or that they meet the same dietary recommendations.
Controversy swirled against the company in regards to the product testimonial given by former football athlete O.J.Simpson. Before the infamous murders he was charged with, he was recorded by the company in March 1994. In the video, he claimed that Juice Plus+ cured his arthritis. However, his defense attorneys presented medical evidence during the trial that his crippling arthritis prevented him from committing the murders. NSA cancelled his contract and stopped using the celebrity endorsement video.

The Bottom Line

Juice Plus+ is a worldwide health and wellness company whose nutritional claims are questionable amongst many consumer watchdog groups. The company’s products have been distributed in chewable capsule form around the world since 1993 and meet food industry requirements set forth by the FDA.
It would appear that Juice Plus+ is a reputable company outside of its unsubstantiated claims. The initial signup cost is affordable, but the compensation plan could be better. The commission structure is lower than other competitor offerings, and unavailable to distributors until a certain rank is achieved. Individuals may discover another multi-level marketing opportunity more suitable to their unique needs.

More Information

Featured Details

Industry Type
  • Juice Plus is in the biotech and pharmaceuticals industry.
  • The company did not make the top 100 list of MLM companies for 2015 on the Direct Selling News website.
Sign Up Cost: $50
Renewal Cost: $50 annually on January 1st
Patent Products
Juice Plus+ nutrient formula
Product Distribution
Distributors earn up to $21 on each product sold at retail price. They do not have the ability to earn commissions or bonuses until they move up higher in rank.
Company Selling Points
  • Inspiring Healthy Living Around the World
  • Low Investment, Low Risk, Low Overhead
  • High Quality Ingredients
Company Education
  • Virtual Office
  • Sales Support Materials
  • Business Training Tools
  • Marketing Programs
  • Sponsor
  • Company Events
Support Programs
  • Virtual Office
  • Sales Support Materials
  • Business Training Tools
  • Marketing Programs
  • Sponsor
  • Company Events
Glass Door
  • In a total of 8 reviews, 88 percent would recommend the company to a friend.
  • 100 percent approve of the CEO.
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