New and long term leagal return base concept


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3. Generation Of Work Is ,Based On Reseller API Model

4. Daily Payments In Bank Account Count Mobile Friendly Website, No Minimum Bar For Payment Transfer 

Per Click Price 6 Rs. W10 (BV 0.50) 5750.00 (Inclusive Of All Taxes) Get 10 Clicks (Booster 20)
Per Click 6 Rs. - Get Paid 120₹ Every Day 

W20 (BV 1.00) 11500.00 (Inclusive Of All Taxes) 20 PTL Per Day (Booster 50) 300 Rs.Per Day 12 Months Validity

W50 (BV 2.50) 28750.00 (Inclusive Of All Taxes) 50 PTL Per Day (Booster 100) 600 Rs. Per Day 12 Months Validity

W100 (BV 5.00) 57500.00 (Inclusive Of All Taxes) 125 PTL per day (Booster 250) 1500 Rs. Per Day 12 Months Validity

W1000 (BV 10.00) 115000.00 (Inclusive of all taxes) 300 PTL per day (Booster 500) 3000 Per Day 12 Months Validity

Campaign for 1 Person. BOOSTER INCOME 

Complete 2 sales in 1:1 ratio in 30 Days And Get Chance To Double Your Part Time Work i.e Double Your Bonus Marketing Model

Direct Sponsor 5%
Matching model , which is based on 1:1 ratio
10% of the Sales Balancing Is Rewarded As Permotional Income

Royalty 500BV MATCHING GET 100000 Rs. Per Month Rewards Start from 10BV

1. Purely Service Based 
2. Taxable Invoice
3. TDS Submission On Time
4. No e-wallet
5. Payment Modes : Credit Card, Debit Card, DD, NEFT
6. All legal documents..... ( PAN, Service Tax ,TAN. ROC
7. Physical Office In India
8. No Cash Is Allowed
9. Maximum 3 ID's On A Single PAN Card
10. 10 days Refund Policy

To Become No. 1 Company In The Field Of Digital Marketing In World

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