Make your sales force even more smarter with Mobillion Labs ERP solution Smartwinnr

After spending more than a decade in global MNCs, Shiladitya Mallik realised that the advent of smartphones and tablets in the hands of sales representatives has opened up a new era of salesforce productivity. He says, “After months of on-the-ground research, interviewing scores of sales professionals in large enterprises, we found that there was a gap in the market for a product that would help sales representatives retain crucial information like product knowledge and competitor information.”
The traditional learning management system focuses on the learning aspect, and they suffer from three major drawbacks:
  • They don't assess or help in the actual retention of knowledge.
  • They are often not mobile-friendly. Sales reps who are in the field most of the time thus find them difficult to use.
  • They do not provide analytics about the knowledge gaps - which might lead to poor performance - at an individual, team or geographical level.
To overcome these problems, Shiladitya Mallik founded MobillionLabs in October 2014 with Anindita Banik.
The company's core product is SmartWinnr, an enterprise SaaS solution that helps sales reps stay at the top of their knowledge curve through regular short quizzes and micro-learning content.
Mobillion Labs
Team Mobillion Labs

SmartWinnr’s USP

SmartWinnr is based on a machine learning algorithm that helps identify knowledge gaps at an individual, group or geography level. This later sends appropriate quizzes/content to fill those gaps. Anindita says, "A typical use case would be for say a pharma company with medical reps spread throughout the country. When a new product gets launched, it's often difficult to get all the reps up-to-date with the new information. SmartWinnr can save significant cost by being a central channel through which information can be shared and retention of information can be assessed."

Market size

The total global market size in this segment is around $2 billion.
SmartWinnr is an enterprise product, and there is no free version. They are monetising through monthly/annual subscriptions to their SaaS solution. They are also partnering with collaborators like sales trainers, L&D professionals and independent consultants.
They have a team of six in total and believe in a simple policy for hiring. For experienced candidates, after initial interviews, the candidate has to come to their office and spend one to three days working with them. They also prefer giving offers to interns who have worked with them for at least three months.

Revenue and funding status

This year, they claim to have clocked around Rs 1 crore in revenues. The team is planning a YoY growth of 300 percent in the coming fiscal.
MobillionLabs claims to already be revenue positive, within the first year of operations. They will look for funding this year since they are now starting to focus on the North American market, which they believe can be expensive to set up.

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